• The Deschutes County 4-H & FFA Youth Livestock Auction will be taking place!!!

  • “Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.”

    Josh Shipp





The Auction MUST Go On!!!!

Saturday August 1st at 10:00am Virtual Livestreaming at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds Sisters Buildings

The Deschutes County Youth Livestock Auction committee is proud to present the agricultural youth of Deschutes County on Saturday August 1st. We are excited to share and celebrate all the hard work the exhibitors have put into their animals this year. The doors will open at 9:00 with the sale starting at 10:00. We will be live streaming the sale in the nice air conditioned amenities of the Sisters buildings at the fairgrounds. Buyers will be served a BBQ lunch plus other hospitalities while viewing through livestream TV’s and bidding in person.

Our auctioneer will be on site, and bidding will take place in person in real time.  Sale order will be Beef, Sheep, Small Animals, Goats followed by Pigs.  If you received an invitation and haven’t RSVP’ed, please do so as soon as possible.  We will be following COVID guidelines so facemasks will be required or provided on site.   A link to join the sale will be posted next week. Please watch the Deschutes County 4-H & FFA Youth Livestock Auction on facebook or Des. Co. 4-H/FFA Auction on Instagram for updates and information.

***The link for the Auction is LIVE!!***

Please type into your browser:  auction.showorks.cloud/fair/deschu

Once you are into the website, please do the following:

  1. Click on “select a buyer” and look for your name (it will be there if you have registered)
  2. Click on your name or select “new”
  3. If you clicked on your name, please enter the security code that will appear.
  4. If you are a “new” buyer, please input your information and be sure to enter a phone number that can receive a text.  Once that is completed you will receive a text with a security code for you to enter.
  5. Start bidding!


Created in 1919, the Deschutes County 4-H and FFA Youth Livestock Auction provides companies, organizations and individuals with opportunities to support local 4-H and FFA members by purchasing their animals at the Deschutes County 4-H and FFA Youth Livestock Auction.

This is a very exciting time for Deschutes County 4-H and FFA youth and the Deschutes County Livestock Auction! The 4-H and FFA Youth Livestock Auction is experiencing growth and increasing support from the community, businesses owners and former members.

Deschutes County 4-H and FFA students will be the leaders and innovators of the future.

The annual Livestock Auction is held each August in conjunction with the Deschutes County Fair and Rodeo. Over 400 4-H and FFA members participate annually in the Auction making it one of the largest in the state.

Thanks to strong support from Central Oregon community members and businesses, Deschutes County Youth Livestock Auction is recognized as one of the premiere youth livestock auctions on the west coast.


We’re making a positive impact on Deschutes County youth by
encouraging youth development and promoting agricultural education.

The purchase of a 4-H or FFA youth’s auction animal provides a two-fold benefit to encourage junior exhibitors.

Buyers at the Deschutes County 4-H and FFA Auction can take pride in knowing
they are providing a foundation of support for upcoming generations of community leaders.


The immediate benefit is to motivate 4-H and FFA members to learn to excel in the business of raising and caring for their animals.


The long-term benefit is to encourage our youth to seek higher education by supporting them financially.



Buy a 4-H or FFA youth’s animal for consumption. Your bid price is the full price you pay. Your designated local processor will process the meat. Processing costs are in addition to the purchase cost.


Buy the animal and sell it back. You agree to pay the difference between the price you bid and the current market price.


Buy the animal in a syndicate of business associates, friends or neighbors for resale or divide the meat between the members of the syndicate. This is an excellent way to support the junior exhibitor of your choice.


Buy the animal for donation to a local charity. This assists senior or food bank recipients who otherwise might not enjoy quality meats.


If you would like to help an exhibitor without purchasing an animal you can add dollars to any exhibitor’s sale either at a per pound or flat rate.

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